About Me

I am Rebecca Zhu, an adventurous and enthusiastic Girl Scout from New Hampshire. In my free time, I like to listen to podcasts and go shopping!

  • My favorite thing about Girl Scouts: Meeting new friends and being able to talk to people!
  • My favorite memory from being a Girl Scout: When we did community service around my local community and seeing people's smiles :)
  • My favorite badge I have earned: Junior Balloon Car Design Challenge Badge because I made a really cool balloon powered car!
  • My favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor: Girl Scout S'mores... yum...

My Meme

Did you know that over 51 billion pieces of litter are thrown onto US roadways each year? This fact surprised me and inspired me to create this meme. The enormous amount of litter in the US is caused by citizens who do not care about the environment and their own communities. As a Girl Scouts member, I wanted to use my meme to portray the large amount of trash left in our communities that most people do not notice. I hope my meme brings light to the large amount of trash in our own communities and our responsibilities to clean up after ourselves. Since there is only one planet Earth, we must take care of it!

My Game

My game is called "The Brave Fairy!". Lily is a fairy that lives in a palace surrounded by unicorns. One day, her favorte unicorn ran away and Lily wants to go find her. Lily ventures out into the real world and gets trapped in a dungeon. She finds out that the pixel character lured her unicorn away! To get her favorite unicorn back, Lily must jump over the enemy. I had fun creating this game and I learned how to code a game using JavaScript! To play the game, you have to click the purple screen to jump. Once you jump over the enemy 5 times, you win and you save your favorite unicorn!

My Reflection

I learned a lot by attending Coding Scouts! More importantly, I had so much fun creating a meme, game, and learning to code a website. Initially, I didn't know much about coding. After participating in Coding Scouts, coding seems to be easier than I expected. My favorite part of the camp is making the game. I didn't know a lot about game development before, but now I feel like I am really skilled! I also can't wait to show my parents the game I created. I am looking forward to participating in more Coding Scout activities in the future and can't wait for my Girl Scout cookies, goodies, and TWO coding badges!

- Rebecca